What is roulette and how to calculate the odds in the roulette game


Roulette is a type of gambling game which is also known as the game of the wheels. The player who gets participated in the roulette should choose a number or the colour before the spinning of the wheel. The dealer of your table will spin the wheel and the place where your ball stands at the last says about the result whether you won the game or lost it. When your guessed number or the colour gets matched with it, then you have won the bet and can collect your rewards from the dealer. The main confusion all the players gets while playing the roulette is how to calculate your odds?

This term generally used to denote the random event occurring but when it comes to the game, it is being displayed on the line and values will be between  0 and 1. In the roulette game, the winning probability can be easily calculated based on the outcomes of the single spin. The winning probability will be calculated by the division of numbers and the ways to win over the possible outcomes. Mostly the probability of the win will be equal to the available number of chances it has to win and it is being divided by the total number of ways available to win or lose.  So you can use the formula that, probability of win = ways to win/(ways to win + ways to lose). Through this formula you can calculate your odds and the probability of the winning chances.

When you cover more number of outcomes with the single bet, then the probability of winning will be high. There is not much mathematical knowledge needed for this game but only thing is you should get a good spin.